Facebook are changing your profile picture settings for this surprising reason

Your Facebook profile picture is something incredibly personal to you. You spend hours trying to get the perfect candid shot, editing it across various platforms and sending it to your group chat to get everyone else's approval before you post it at 6pm on the dot to maximise its number of likes.

Now...we've all seen MTVs 'Catfish', the show that follows some moron who's had a 5 year long relationship with an internationally renowned supermodel who he's never FaceTimed or met in person.

Catfishing is a huge problem for Facebook, as current settings automatically make your profile picture public, allowing anyone to download it.

Starting on June 21, Facebook began trialling a new privacy setting called 'profile picture guard.' The setting puts a shield around your photo which prevents people from right-clicking and saving it.

- Facebook

Essentially the feature blocks 50 year old Steve from Hull from saving 18 year old Tom from California's photo and using it for his alter-ego profile 'Stephen' from London to catfish girls half his age.

The setting also stops screenshots from a mobile devices. So if you want to screenshot the girl who you think your boyfriend is texting's profile picture to send to your gals chat, you're going to have to get creative.

As the feature is currently only available in India, the best thing you can do in the meantime is set your profile picture to a more private setting

Let's just hope the new move doesn't put MTV's 'Catfish' show out of business.