Everything you need to know about the Queen's Speech

Today the Queen gave her speech to parliament outlining the government's agenda for the next two years if we don't have another snap election that we were promised wouldn't happen.

So here's everything you need to know:


Brexit of course dominated the agenda in all shapes and forms, including the Queen wearing an EU-style hat.

The Queen called for a quintessentially British 'smooth and orderly' departure from the EU, as though Brits were rushing in a mad swarm to leave the EU as quick as humanly possible.

The bills related to Brexit included:

Great Repeal Bill - this basically means replacing all EU laws within the UK with British law...

Customs Bill - A new customs bill is proposed as the UK leaves the EU Customs Union.. meaning that we could be waving goodbye to duty free in airports (so long cheap Spanish vodka, you will be missed)

Trade Bill - Allows Britain to sign free trade deals with non-EU countries such as America

Immigration Bill - This means an end to freedom of movement between the UK and EU when Britain has fully left

Fisheries Bill and Agriculture Bills - New legislation on managing British land and waters

Nuclear Safeguards Bill - New international safeguards will need to be implemented, which will hopefully protect us from any imminent North Korean nuclear attack if negotiations actually manage to finish before then

International Sanctions Bill - Britain currently places sanctions through the EU council, so a new sanction bill must be drawn up once we leave the EU.

Key points not related to Brexit

Just incase you forgot that there are other things in the world except Brexit (shock), these are the key things that have also been announced:

A public enquiry into the Grenfell Tower disaster

A Domestic Violence and Abuse Bill establishing a commissioner to stand up for victims and help them with authorities

A Tenant's Fees Bill, which bans landlords from charging 'letting fees' because they're ridiculous and anyone trying to rent these days is broke enough as it is anyway...

High-Speed Two has made a return! The only High-Speed thing about the rail link seems to be its name, but the Bill will authorise a second leg of the rail link from Birmingham to Crewe

A Data Protection Bill to strengthen individuals' rights - maybe the government doesn't monitor our calls afterall..

What was missing?

Trump's State visit to the UK was completely ignored🤔 ... so for now we'll just assume the Queen forgot to put it in her diary.

Fox hunting, grammar schools and social care were other key issues that failed to make the cut, but with austerity promised to continue it looks like the UK won't be short of other cuts.