27 graduates realising they look like Harry Potter

As rights of passage go, graduation is a biggie. It's a moment you really grow up and start taking res.... no, no it isn't. It's the time you realise you look like Harry Potter in your robes, pull your wand out your pocket (you brought it specially, didn't you?) and pretend you're Draco f*cking Malfoy.

27) Literally everyone does it. This guy's preparing to do it.

26) These folk are remaking all the Harry Potter films...

25) This guy's got a f*cking PhD and he's still practicing defence against the dark arts, yo.

24) This guy's biz partner had the same thought

23) This Potter-Head really put the effort in

22) This graduand is making the best of poor circumstances

21) This sister has the right idea (and wands)

20) Even Voldemort here noticed

19) So if you are graduating soon, remember to bring your wand...

18) Otherwise you'll disappoint children in attendance

17) And don't let anyone take away you're gown until you're done pretending you're Hermione

16) And try and find Filch. Filch attends graduation ceremonies for some reason. Might be a Squib thing.

15) This is your day to be a wizard. Embrace it.

14) Really embrace it, don't worry about the fact you're at least 21 years old and pretending to be a wizard

13) Go full wizard. Photoshop the sh*t out of your photos till everyone agrees you're a wizard

12) Pose with your wand. You earned this.

11) This why you did you're degree right here.

10) Don't debate whether you're taking your wand.

9) Even your mum would pose like a wizard if she graduated

8) It's been a tradition for years now. DOOOO IIIIITTT.

7) Your parents will understand the score...

6) You're a wizard! A f*cking wizard!

5) Seriously, your parents will understand

4) Do it. Make the Harry Potter joke.

3) Do it for Harry Potter. He DIED for you.

2) Hell, do it for Voldemort here.

1) Your uni WANTS you to do it.