Everyone is sharing this one thing Theresa May doesn't want you to see

With an election on the way, people are on the lookout for gaffes and terrible/unpopular opinions from party leaders.

There's Tim Farron, seen here on Channel 4 News dodging the question of whether homosexuality is a sin...

(It's 2017 by the way, Tim)

...Or Corbyn's own MPs refusing to endorse him...

... people are sharing political fuck-ups from all parties at the moment, and it doesn't make for pretty reading.

But the thing that has been shared most far and wide so far in this election season, isn't a gaffe or mistake. It's Theresa May's own voting record. And it makes for even grimmer reading.

Along with ensuring that public bodies no-longer have to actively try to reduce inequality, she also voted against the right for gay couples to adopt. Twice.

Her record is being shared far and wide, and a lot of people haven't liked what they've seen of her voting records on gay rights.

You can find her full voting record here:

You can find Jeremy Corbyn's here: https://www.theyworkforyou.com/mp/10133/jeremy_corbyn/islington_north

And Tim Farron's here:


You can't find Nigel Farage or Paul Nuttal, as he has never been an MP.