Everyone is making the same joke about the snap election. Please stop.

As soon as the general election was called yesterday, everyone rushed to get their jokes in. Most of them were phenomenally good.

But then there was this other joke. The one literally everyone was making about the snap election.

You know the one. The one where everybody say they "misheard" the term snap election and think Theresa May had called for a snap erection. Yeah, that one.

Since yesterday, that joke has now been made well over 2000 times. This guy explained the joke for anyone who still doesn't understand that election is spelt a bit like erection.

Others restrained themselves. Sorta.

Most others didn't.

And ever so slight variations of it.

This guy was worried there wouldn't be enough snap erection jokes.

But there were. In fact, last count there were over two thousand snap erection jokes made just on Twitter yesterday, and they show no sign of stopping.

Please stop.