Everyone's iPhone has this CREEPY feature that recognises people who are wearing bras

iPhones have some incredible features.

Facial recognition, touch ID, and probably even more that my technologically challenged mind hasn't managed to master yet.

But today Twitter user Abdi Local enlightened us all with a new, and slightly bizarre, futuristic feature that has left a lot of people with mixed feelings.

He tweeted a cryptic message, telling his followers to search 'brassiere' in the photo search bar of their iPhones, leaving the rest up to this followers... and it didn't take long for someone to try it:

One user, @keelinz, replied with a screenshot of the search, which showed that her iPhone had turned up 666 photos in which her phone detected, you guessed it, a 'brassiere'.

Whilst some users found the feature hilarious

Others were completely at a loss..

Bless pure little Uin, not a single brassiere in his phone.

Whilst initially the feature seems creepy, recognising all your potentially revealing and booby photos, the tool also works for other buzz words, for example:

So whilst it may be a *little* on the creepy side, it can also be quite an easy way to sort your phone into neat categories, like nudes and dogs, without anyone being the wiser when they use your phone. Stunning.