Everybody is making the same obvious joke about the new Beauty and the Beast film

The new Beauty and the Beast trailer is out, and it's making a lot of people cry...

For obvious reasons...

But it's also make everybody on the internet make the same joke. Can you guess what it is? Maybe something about Hermione and Ron... something like that?

Wrong. Everyone is making the joke that they'd totally f*ck a beast if it meant they could have access to that library.

It turns out that suddenly everyone's standards of beauty, decorum and cleanliness drop away the moment you say "you know, I have a massive library full of books at my place".

For a lot of people, they don't even want the library.

Or the rest of the film.

They just want a library. That's all anyone ever wants.

From when they were six.

Everybody wants one.

Also a snake.