Every person you'll meet at the gym

The gym is a wonderfully mysterious universe. Full of curious machines that you never quite know how to use, and a huge range of people, it's a habitat to marvel at.

And whether you go to the gym everyday, or once in a blue moon, it's absolutely guaranteed that you'll always see a very specific group of people.

We've teamed up with The Gym Group to create the ULTIMATE list of people you'll be sure to meet at the gym.

1. The lycra enthusiast

It's literally impossible to go to the gym without meeting a lycra enthusiast. Whether taking a spin class or jogging on the treadmill, there will always be that one person geared up for the Tour De France looking like they're straight out of an Eric Prydz video. But fair play to them, we hear the 1980s are coming back into fashion.

2. The Instagram blogger

With fitness blogs and Instagrams becoming the new craze, every gym now has a local celeb filming their workouts for their fitness enthused followers. Watch out for these guys, you might be able to photobomb their videos, earning yourself a sweet 5 seconds of fame.

3. The master of disguise

The master of disguise is a cunning and mysterious creature. At the gym every day but never seen doing any exercise, the master of disguise is that one person that looks committed, but is anything but. More there for decoration than exercise, this person goes to the gym just so they can post about it on Facebook. Everyone knows one, and if you don't, that means you are one.

4. The Machine

The machine is that one person who's at the gym come rain or shine, already lifting weights at 3am. Cranking up the treadmill to level 50, this person is more machine than human. You'll see them on the treadmill running faster than Usain Bolt at the olympics whilst trying to beat their last PB.

5. The super attractive personal trainer

Every gym has 1 or 2 insanely attractive personal trainers. Either serious eye candy or a muse for motivation, they make every gym visit just that tiny bit better.

6. The clique

Each gym has a workout clique. A possy of guys or gals, they will not turn up to the gym without each other. To gym without the group is absolute sacrilege and the ultimate betrayal. It's one for all and all for one when it comes to #gains. If you're afraid of working out, then form a workout group for sure.

7. The mega fit senior citizen

Putting everyone to shame, the mega fit senior citizen shows that age is just a number. Hitting the gym more regularly than bingo, this gym nut proves that it's never too late to get in shape.

8. The SUPER sweaty person

The air con could be on full and temperatures outside below 0 and this person would still be more sweat than human. Merely walking through the doors of the gym causes them to break out in a full body sweat. You won't want to sit next to them in a spin class for fear of slipping over the puddle of sweat surrounding their bike after class.

9. The one that doesn't want to be there

There's always ONE person that would literally rather be ANYWHERE ELSE than in the gym. Classically found on the mats pretending to stretch, this person is usually dragged along to the gym by their fitness enthused friend and counts down every minute until they can leave.

With a chance to win a year long membership at The Gym Group worth £360, you'll be sure to both bump into these people and become one of them yourself.