Every House Hunting Day Ever

If you have ever been house-hunting with a group of future housemates and an agent, you’ll know exactly what it’s like.

1) Team Up

You and your future housemates - whether their friends from your residence, your course or just Uni in general - meet up to start the day. It’s a good idea to have someone to specifically take photographs of all the student apartments, and somebody to take notes of addresses, high points and low points.

2) You hit the ground running

The Agent arrives, probably 5 or 6 minutes late, and pops you into a car. If this is your first day house-hunting, you’ll be feeling pretty excited. If this is your 10th… not so much.

3) You open door number one and...

It’s chaos. It’s a mess. Do not be alarmed: The first house is always freaking scary.

4) This is what the first viewing is like:

Every single time.

5) That first bathroom?

No seriously: every. single time.

6) The day flies by….

One viewing after the other. Each of them is slightly not as terrible as the last, although they’ll appear to be getting much, much better.

7) Your subconscious is like:

“Well that first apartment had no bathroom, but this one has a toilet in the middle of the kitchen. That’s okay, right? We can live with that?”

8) By the time you go into that last viewing, you’re like:

Feeling pretty epic. Have a look around and everybody agrees: this’ll do. So the agent takes you back to the office and tells you a quick decision is needed.

9) “I’ll sign anything.”

The contracts are written in English not even lawyers understand, they include fees that are impossible to calculate, but this was the best apartment of the lot, you’re pretty sure.

10) There’s always that one room...

...that’s way worse - smaller, darker, colder or hotter - than all the others. Chances are you only start talking about who’ll live there after you’ve signed. A hero usually volunteers. Wait for a couple of minutes, and maybe it won’t even be you!

11) The feeling of not having to go through all that again?

And well, yeah: you now also have a place to live.

In case you’re wondering! Uniplaces doesn’t do house-viewings and we don’t need agents. If you’re studying in one of our cities (London, Manchester, Leeds, Cardiff, Leicester, Sheffield, Nottingham), all you have to do is get everybody around the couch, browse through our hundreds of verified apartments and book the one you like the most.

This post was written by by Francisco Peres, the content guy at Uniplaces