Ever wondered what world leaders looked like with man buns?

The much-maligned man bun has had its fair share of stick ever since it rose in popularity a few years back. Love them or hate them, though, they're still being sported by quite a few lads, and the trend just will not die.

It's not exactly a statesman-like 'do, though, and it'd be quite a shock to see someone in Westminster or The White House rocking one. So, these designers have put our minds at rest from wondering, by Photoshopping the 'trendy' style on to famous world leaders as part of a competition for website Design Crowd. Check out Obama.

Credit: Designer jkrebs04 - Barack Obama

Bush didn't look quite so suave.

Credit: Designer jkrebs04 - George W. Bush

Putin has also got the hipster treatment.

Credit: Designer annecran8 - Vladimir Putin

Former Prime minister David Cameron even got in on the act with a cool topknot.

Credit: Designer avkarog - David Cameron

And last, but CERTAINLY not least is Kim Jong Un. We can't imagine he'd be very happy with this, although maybe it's an improvement on his current barnet.

Credit: Designer jkrebs04 - Kim Jong-Un

Props to the designers, these guys look ten years younger with a fresh new style. But, somehow we don't think they'll be calling their hairdresser for the look any time soon.