Eurovision 2016 drinking game

Eurovision 2016 drinking game

The TV event of the year is rapidly approaching and there’s only one thing that could make it any better, and that’s copious amounts of alcohol. If you’re not happy with drinking alcohol at your own pace then Eurovision is the perfect TV programme to drink along to, there are highs, lows and plenty of WTF moments to keep you going.

We’ve devised a little drinking game for you, we considered adding rules like “drink every time you think WTF” or “drink every time there’s a key change” but we assume you don’t want to have your stomach pumped.

If you haven’t already got the dates in your diary there’s three televised Eurovision shows every year, two semi finals on Tues 10 May and Thu 12 May - we can only vote on Thursday and for the grand final on Sat 14 May.

If you’re feeling particularly fruity on Tuesday or Thursday you can use the first part of the drinking game for the semis, they’ll be shown on BBC Four at 8pm.

The Performances

Drink every time you see/hear:

A wind machine moment

Drag queens

Graham Norton’s voice over is particularly withering

If Graham makes a wink wink nudge nudge joke about this year's Eurovision slogan "Come Together"

Someone’s outfit lights up or is otherwise mechanical

Strange European rapping


Anyone does the “rock” hand gesture

A wardrobe malfunction

An unusual instrument on stage - i.e pan pipes or an ice skating violinist (that happened)

WOLVES (we've been assured there'll be a naked man with wolves on stage at some point)

Drink throughout:

Australia’s entry (why are they even there?)

The UK’s entry (why are we even there?)

Any “themed” performance - vampires, pirates or whatever, you know what we mean

Any “witty banter” between the two hosts

Intervals filled with excruciatingly awkward interviews between two non-native English speakers

eurovision drinking game rules

The Results

During the individual countries’ jury vote announcements drink every time you see/hear:

Someone says - verbatim “Thank you for giving us such a wonderful show tonight”

Someone you recognise pops up (like Nigella last year)

The hosts have to ask the announcer to hurry up with their sycophantic gushing about how incredible the show was more than once

Every time the UK gets a point (you could really jazz this up and have about five shots lined up ready)

The announcer pauses for effect or does a fake drumroll

Drink when someone you’re watching it with says “it’s all politics, it’s not about the singing” when Greece gives 12 points to Cyprus

Drink throughout:

The winners' speech and victory performance (that's if you're still capable of drinking)

If you got through this then you basically deserve a Eurovision trophy, and whoever "wins" (doesn't vomit), has to host the Eurovision party next year, yay!

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