EuroMillions "winner" goes on a spending spree - but she read the ticket wrong

French Euromillions winner

We’ve all imagined what we’d do if we won the lottery, and even pictured what we’d buy first. Unfortunately one French woman started her lottery winning spending before she realised that she hadn’t actually won, and that mistake landed her in prison.

The unnamed woman in her 40s spent over €4,000 (£3,100) on extravagant purchases during February and March 2014, choosing to splash “her” cash on perfume, clothes and jewellery.

But the jig was up when her husband checked her ticket, and it turned out that her "winning" EuroMillions ticket was off by a single digit.

To add insult to injury, misreading her ticket landed her in jail.

She was arrested for fraud after the cheques she had written when she was shopping bounced, according to the report in the French newspaper L'Est Republicain.

The woman only made things worse by trying to cover up her spending by (bizarrely) setting her handbag on fire and telling police that it had been stolen. However, it didn’t take long before they found CCTV footage of her writing cheques in multiple stores when making the purchases.

She admitted it all earlier this week after the court heard that shop-owners had already contacted her to suggest paying in instalments, but she still hasn't refunded them, saying she was "too afraid and ashamed" to. However, she promised to do so after she was found guilty of fraud, handed a four-month suspended sentence and ordered to find a job to pay off her debts.