Estate agent claims he's the real victim of this year's budget, gets roasted

Today's Autumn Budget has brought a slither of good news: Estate agents and landlords will no longer be able to charge fees to tenants when they rent a house.

Non-refundable letting fees, which are often as high as £500 in London, and sometimes as high as £700 according to the Citizens Advice Bureaux, will no longer be legal in England.

It's good news, even if we're way behind Scotland, who did this ages ago.

But letting agents, on the other hand, aren't too happy about the situation.

One estate agent took to Reddit, looking for sympathy in his plight. He posted in British Problems that his job was now under threat because extortionate upfront fees were being taken away.

The replies were less than sympathetic.

Everyone else in the thread appears to be much more on the side of renters, rather than letting agencies charging hundreds of pounds for doing no work whatsoever.

Or as another renter more concisely put it...

And it only got worse from there.

The estate agent made one last attempt to turn things around, but eventually gave up.