Estate agent horribly harasses girl online, but thankfully the internet is here to back her up

Being a woman on the internet is pretty hard. Unsolicited dick pics and random abusive messages aren't uncommon.

It's often hard to know what to do about it. You want the creeps to see repercussions, but you also don't want to make them even angrier.

Twitter user Amelia Rushmore-Perrin decided enough was enough recently, after a trash-person called Hayden told her on Instagram she should have a stroke because she didn't reply to his compliment (what the actual fuck?!).

Here's what happened.

She found his details online, and in a great move decided to report him to his boss. Lads, if you're prepared to make threats to people on the internet, get ready for people to know what a dick you are IRL.

Unfortunately, it turns out Hayden's bosses are just as douchebaggy as him, as this is what happened.

What else did we expect from estate agents, tbh, but still not cool. Since they wouldn't listen to Amelia, though, the Twittersphere were ready to shut this shit down.

People from across the internet began leaving 1* reviews on the estate agent's Facebook page, with their rating plummeting to a meagre 1.3* at the time of writing.

Some of our favourites include:

Whoever manages their social media is going to have a BAAAD time. Hayden, you're a twat, and you messed with the wrong girl.