Letting agency accidentally sends letter calling tenant a "f*cking f*cker" to tenant

A letting agency has accidentally sent a letter to their tenant calling her a "fucking fucker" and a "fucking idiot".

After moving into a £450pcm property in Crawley and finding it to be in a terrible state, Shannon Capps complained via email to the her estate agents Andrew Hunt.

In return, she received internal emails from Andrew Hunt describing the 23 year old Gatwick Airport worker as a "fucking fucker".

Shannon "f*cking f*cker" Capps, as they branded her, with her tenancy agreement | Image copyright of SWNS.com.

"Get rid of the bitch"

Shannon received the email (sent by accident) after she'd emailed them asking to terminate her contract due to the poor conditions. The emails, which were supposed to stay within the company, included one employee saying:

"Get rid of the bitch. She's still paying the outgoing fees. Don't care she ain't getting off. Just relet her room. Fucking idiot that she is. Is she the one who phones three times a day with regard to cleaning?"

"Don’t answer her. Leave her hanging she deserves it."

All because she wanted her house to be clean.

"My heart sank, it just felt so personal," Shannon said. "I couldn’t even breathe my heart was pumping so much, I couldn’t believe it."

A spokesman from Andrew Hunt said it was an "unfortunate incident". They said:

"She didn’t like the room, we tried to find her somewhere else. She phoned up every day complaining about something. She just didn’t want to be there."

Shannon denies phoning the agency every day, and says she also wasn’t told there would be seven people living in the house before she moved in there.

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