Entire country shuts down internet to stop students cheating on exams

Rather than checking all pupils for mobile phones when they enter exam halls, Iraq have taken the unusual step of shutting down the internet for the entire country during exam time - to prevent cheating.

Iraq have been shutting down the internet in three hour chunks, coinciding with national exams for school pupils, in order to stop pupils from using their internet phones to check answers.

Three times during the exam period so far, Iraq have shut off all internet services (including mobile and landline internet) for three hour exams, rather than asking pupils to put their mobile phones in a bucket before they check their seats.

The three three-hour outages were spotted by Dyn Research.


One Iraqi internet service provider announced the blackout on Tuesday on its Facebook page:

“As instructed by the Ministry of Communication, internet services will be cut off in all of Iraq during the time of exams from 5am until 8am for all companies across all provinces.”

The entire country were left without their daily fix of cat videos, Facebook and unable to do important work (be it in a hospital, bank or government building) for the entirety of the high-school exams.

With no other distractions, the whole country was left to wonder:

"If they'd have done this during revision time instead, maybe the pupils wouldn't have to resort to cheating?"

Anti-cheating helmets

Taking away internet access for the whole country may be the most extreme way cheating has ever been prevented, but it's by no means the weirdest. In 2013 Thailand students were made to wear "anti-cheating helmets".

I.e. they were handed boxes at the door of the gym and instructed to jam it on their heads.

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