Tips for getting freebies and discounts on entertainment

    After feeding yourself with anything that isn’t rice and baked beans entertaining yourself whilst at university can be one of the most expensive luxuries. If you are against watching TV without a licence, downloading music illegally and sneaking into gigs through the backdoor, it can be even trickier still. Here are a few ways to stay sane without going bankrupted whilst studying.


    1. Apple Music

    Apple’s streaming service offers a nearly exhaustive library of current music as well as, a pretty good back catalogue. Students get 3 months free trial and if you love it afterwards it’s only £4.99 a month for up to 4 years. All the music you want across all your devices anywhere in the world.

    2. Spotify

    Spotify not only features loads of new music and podcasts but also some really great playlists that have been specially curated by genre, artist or era. For the discounted rate of £4.99 a month Spotify offers music both on and offline, no ads and better sound quality.

    3. Last FM

    If you want music that is totally free Last FM is the place to go. Last FM uses ‘scrobbling’ to automatically track songs listened to by users and using this and data from your personal music database creates bespoke playlists and recommendations. You can then use your profile as a way to navigate through the site to listen to playlists and artists that are compatible with your music taste.

    4. NME Magazine

    If you want to get your weekly fix of new music for free NME magazine is now free every Friday from 49 universities and numerous rail and tube stations. NME has its finger on the pulse of all the hot music releases and even as a free title still scores great interviews with big stars.


    1. Amazon

    Amazon Prime offers all students a 6 month free trial which includes exclusive TV shows, movies and music as well as, prime delivery. Once the trial is over its £39 per year (50% cheaper than normal) to get books, games and more delivered within 24 hours to your door. And of course you still have all the great TV and new movie releases to watch at your leisure. You can also earn £5 in vouchers every time you refer a friend and as an added sweetener they get £5 to.

    2. Now TV

    Now TV is great if you want TV, movies and sport without a contract. The cheap passes allow you to watch the best of Sky TV on a month-by-month basis without any obligations. The box is cheap to buy and often on offer and the TV contract is just £6.99 a month, much cheaper then a Sky or Virgin subscription. No TV licence needed. Plus the box is small and portable so you can take it wherever you go all you need is Wi-Fi and a screen.

    online streaming discounts

    3. Be the Audience

    Instead of sitting in front of the TV for the night why not sit in the audience at a live recording of one of your favourite shows? Applause Store allows you to sign up to its mailing list and get updates on recordings for big shows like Celebrity Juice and 8 out of 10 cats. All you do is say what dates you are free and your tickets will be sent over free of charge for you to attend a recording.


    1. Slackers Club

    If you want to see the latest releases but you don’t want to spend the money E4’s ‘Slackers Club’ events at Arts Picturehouse cinemas across the UK are the place for you. They randomly host screenings of carefully chosen films on weekday mornings free for students to attend. Go to the website for more information.

    cinema two for one

    2. Compare the Market

    Insurance and cinema tickets might not be the most natural things to put together but that is exactly what Compare the Market have done. Every time you buy home, car or travel insurance from the merekats you can sign-up to receive 2-for-1 cinema tickets every Tuesday or Wednesday for a year. It’s that simples.


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    Finding cheap gadgets is not always an easy feat, some items like Apple products always hold their value and can be hard to get any discount on. CeX is therefore a good way to save money on that must have games console, phone or tablet. CeX not only buys used gadgets but also sells second-hand gadgets for reasonable prices. If you aren’t fused about getting items the day they are released there are some big savings to be had by waiting and getting a used version, for example you can get a boxed PS4 at CeX for just £175 saving you nearly £75.