Ed Sheeran has deleted his Twitter over Game of Thrones abuse

Last night marked the end of every Game of Thrones fans' agonising wait for the Season 7 premiere. Winter FINALLY came, and people could not contain their excitement:

And whilst fans weren't disappointed by the episode as a whole, many were incredibly confused about one tiny part..:

Yep you saw and heard that right... Ed Sheeran cameod as a Lannister soldier, and it was a horrible combination of weird, comical and cringey as hell. Twitter wasted no time in sharing their thoughts, with a combination of the hilarious and more scathing:

Sheeran starred in a scene with the show's badass assassin extraordinaire Arya Stark, and only had a few lines. However, the amounts of abuse Sheeran received were so severe, he has since deactivated his Twitter account:

Looks like Ed won't be the King of the North any time soon... but he did just sell out a UK tour in minutes, so we think he'll probably be okay.