Easy ways to earn Tesco Clubcard points (and how to spend them)

Free Clubcard points

Tesco Clubcard is something that can be extremely rewarding if you’re collecting your points in the right way. We’ve used our Clubcard points to get a 16-25 Railcard for free, free Papa John’s pizza, £10 Nicki Minaj tickets and a Dyson hoover for £30.

If you haven’t got one already you can apply online for one here.

How to get more Clubcard points

tesco clubcard points

Shopping at Tesco

The most obvious and most well known way of collecting Clubcard points is shopping at Tesco (online and in-store), however this is actually one of the least rewarding methods of doing it.

The points available are:

  • One point per £1 in store at Tesco or on Tesco Direct, Tesco F&F or Tesco Mobile top ups.
  • One point per £2 on fuel from Tesco.
  • Watch out for deals on Tesco Direct where you get extra points for buying a product, e.g 1000 extra points when you buy a LG television.

After you shop at Tesco, check your receipt at the bottom. It’ll ask you to give feedback on your visit. You’ll need the details from a receipt to submit feedback, but you do it here and you earn 25 Clubcard points each time. You can do it once a month, which means you’ll earn 300 points through it a year, if you put them through Clubcard Boost then that’s up to £12 to spend!

You can also earn points at shops that aren’t Tesco:

  • At Esso petrol stations with Tesco shops you can earn 1 point per £3 spent on fuel.
  • At participating Esso locations without Tesco shops you can get 1 point per two litres of fuel.

Reviewing products

Tesco Orchard - this is a scheme where you can test out Tesco products for free, and you earn around 5 points per survey completed. That’s free food - we’ve had fruit, fish and a £15 Christmas pudding, and free points, it’s a win-win! Find out more information about Tesco Orchard.


This is the way we earn most of our Clubcard points. You can earn cashback on almost everything you buy online, and we find converting cashback to Clubcard points is the most rewarding way of spending what you get back.

With Top Cashback you can convert up to £50 of the cashback you’ve earned into 5000 Clubcard points a year. You can convert another £50 worth when it’s exactly one year after you first earned Clubcard points through TCB. This is worth up to £200 in Clubcard Boost vouchers!

Entering renewal dates

You can earn 100 points by entering your car, pet or home insurance renewal dates here, be aware that entering your dates gives Tesco permission to get in contact via post, phone, email or SMS around your renewal date.

Tesco Clubcard Credit Card

If you’re really serious about collecting Clubcard points it might be worth getting a Tesco Clubcard credit card. If you’re not sure how credit cards work, or wonder whether you should get one - have a look at our credit card guide.

The points you can earn from one include 1000 points for being referred for getting on (and the person who refers you will also get 1000 points), then after that you’ll get one point per £8 spent on the card, and one extra point for every £4 spent at Tesco stores or petrol stations - and you can still use your normal Clubcard on top.

Spending Clubcard points

spend the points

Just like how there are cleverer ways to collect your Clubcard points, there are smarter ways to spend them too.

Clubcard points are converted into vouchers once every three months if you’ve collected more than 150 points, and these vouchers are what you can spend either in store or swap for Clubcard Boost vouchers.

The golden rule of Clubcard is never to spend your points in store at Tesco, if you have 250 points, that’s only £2.50 to spend at the supermarket, whereas if you use Clubcard Boost you can swap 250 points for up to a £10 voucher.

Take a look at all the deals available through Clubcard Boost here, but these are some of our favourites:

Clubcard Boost offers change quite often, and new deals are always popping up, so keep an eye on the offers if nothing takes your fancy at the moment.

If you want to get the maximum value out of your Clubcard points it’s worth waiting for Tesco’s biannual Boost events, where you can stretch your vouchers out even further. The standard offer during a Boost event is the ability to double your vouchers to spend on Tesco Direct, meaning you can get twice as much to spend on electronics, homeware, DVDs and more.

There are also one day flash sale Boost offers, that give you the chance to get even more with your voucher. During one last year we managed to swap £10 of points for a £40 Ticketmaster voucher, and managed to see Nicki Minaj for just a tenner! Another was a £20 Pizza Express voucher for £2.50 worth of Clubcard points, boosting the value by eight times. Make sure you’re signed up to the Clubcard newsletter to find out about these limited time Boost events, because they are well worth it, and always sell out.