Earn free Pokemon Go coins - and more hacks

Pokemon go free coins

Unless you’ve been living under a rock for the past couple of weeks you’ve probably heard of Nintendo’s new app Pokemon Go. We've rounded up the best methods to save time and money, and even MAKE a bit of money playing Pokemon.

The app’s free but it's made much easier if you can make in app purchases. You can buy Pokemon Go coins at a rate of 79p for 100 coins, and 100 coins will buy you 20 Pokeballs or you can save them up and buy other helpful items like lures, incense and potions.

Get free coins

pokemon go free coins

You can play Pokemon Go without using coins, but it’s a lot easier if you have some. The “official” way to earn coins within the game is to keep Pokemon at your team’s (red, blue or yellow) gyms and once every 20 hours you can collect 10 coins for every Pokemon you have at a gym at that time, by clicking the shield in the top right hand corner of the shop.

You can earn coins for having a maximum of 10 Pokemon at gyms per day, so at 10 coins each that’s 100 coins you can earn per day, maximum.

However, the unofficial way to earn free coins is to download an app called Google Opinions where you can earn free Google Play credit for answering really short surveys. All you need to start earning is a smart phone and a Google account, and you’ll get a push notification when there’s a new survey available for you.

The surveys pay between 50p and £1 each, and the frequency of the surveys depends on how many you’ve answered before, so the more you do it, the more surveys you’ll be invited to take part in. The Google Play credit you earn can be used to buy new apps or music, OR you can use the money to buy coins to help you play Pokemon.

Unfortunately this method will only work for Android phones, but Apple users should keep reading, because the next deal might be of interest.

get free pokemon go coins

Earn money from catching Pokemon

You might have read the news stories about people selling their high level Pokemon Go accounts for thousands of pounds, but that’s actually against the terms of service of the app, so there’s a good chance all of those accounts might be deleted.

The way we’ve thought up to make money on Pokemon is legal and you won’t have to sell off your hard earned Pokemon.

It’s difficult to do well at Pokemon Go without leaving your house, it basically requires you to walk around in order to catch new Pokemon, battle at gyms and hatch your eggs.

You can make money doing this by using Bounts, it works by tracking the steps you make through your phone’s health app (or a Fitbit/Jawbone if you have one) and awarding you points when you hit 7,000 steps a day. Those points can be traded in for a free voucher of your choice, including iTunes vouchers if you’re an iPhone user and fancy spending your step money straight back on Pokemon Go! Find out how to get set up with it here.

This sounds absolutely bizarre but there are even a few people advertising themselves as Pokemon walkers for £7 an hour in order to help people hatch eggs. All it involves is them logging in with someone else’s username and password and then walking around, apparently people are in the market for this - so why not advertise yourself on Gumtree or Fiverr?

earn money from pokemon go

Hatch eggs quicker

Although most people hatch eggs by walking, it really is a pain to do. Not only do you have to walk 2, 5 or 10 km to hatch one, you have to walk that far with the app open and on the screen; and in our opinion it’s not all that accurate at tracking how far you’ve actually walked. It’s tiring, and it drains your battery and data like nothing else.

Our sneaky trick is to have the app open when you’re on the bus (or are a passenger in a slow moving car), because what the app is monitoring isn’t step movements like a pedometer, but it’s tracking your GPS signal. So you can incubate your eggs while you have a relaxing sit on a bus collecting new Pokemon and items from Pokestops cruising down the road at a faster pace than you’d be walking! So lazy.

Save money

If you’ve noticed you’ve been burning through data since downloading Pokemon Go, it might be worth investing in a sim only plan with a higher data limit to avoid the extortionate charges you get when you go over.

Three mobile offers unlimited 4G data sim only deals from £23 a month (with the first six months half price [£11.50] until Mon 25 Jul), or a sim deal with 30GB of data from £20 a month (£10 for the first six months if you buy now).

If you don’t want to commit to a 12 month contract GiffGaff offers a £20 Always On goodybag that gives you unlimited data, but after you’ve used the first 6GB it’ll be at a slower speed.

Power up

If you’re running out of juice too, check out our deal for 100% cashback on a portable charger/speaker, or take a look at Flubit to get up to 15% off Amazon’s prices.

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