Dutch love rat hits back at claims he humiliated girl he 'pigged'

The Dutch boy accused of leaving a British girl 'stranded and humiliated' after reportedly playing a sick prank on her has responded to the accusations.

Reports surfaced yesterday that Dutch 'love rat' Jesse Mateman had struck up a holiday romance with Manchester-born Sophie Stevenson whilst holidaying in Barcelona.

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Sophie claimed that the two spoke everyday after returning home, leading her to book a £350 flight to visit him in Amsterdam, only to get there to be told that she had been 'pigged'.

As a result, Jesse Mateman became the victim of an online witch hunt.

However, after an initial silence, the accused-prankster has broken his silence.

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Speaking to the Daily Mail, Mateman revealed that the two had slept together whilst holidaying in Barcelona, but after that there was no further contact between them.

Mateman firmly denies playing the prank, as well as Sophie's claims that the two 'spoke everyday.'

He added that he never invited her to the Netherlands, and was confused as to whether she ever even flew there.

Mateman claims that the messages Sophie says that he sent are all falsified, and as a result he and his family have received a sea of abuse.

Sophie has yet to respond to these allegations. (Read her initial story here).

... The plot thickens indeed.