Durham Uni students forced to cancel offensive themed party

A Durham University rugby club has been forced to cancel a "miners' strike" themed party.

Durham's Trevelyan college rugby team has been criticised for a 'deplorable' invitation it sent out for a miners' strike themed party.

Sending out a Facebook invite for an event called "Thatcher's Government vs the M - I - N - E - rs", the event called upon members to dress either as Thatcher's 1984 government, or miners from the historical strike.

The invitation included quotes that mocked Durham's long-standing and sensitive miners history, ''We want flat caps, filth... a few working-class-beating-bobbies wouldn't go amiss."

The event was seen and criticised by Durham Miners' Association, which led to the events cancellation, and an investigation into the students involved.

Durham's Pro-Vice-Chancellor Owen Adams said of the incident:

"Durham University and Trevelyan College utterly deplore this event which is wholly unacceptable."

Given Durham's historical and close ties to the 1984 strike, which was a source of much hurt and anger in the community, the event was not only ill-thought-out, but hurtful.

The Durham Miners' Association released a statement on their Facebook, saying

"This episode has caused a great deal of hurt and anger for many in the local community who are rightly very proud of their mining heritage. We understand that it has been deeply offensive to many current Durham University students who are from mining and other working-class backgrounds."

You can read the full statement here.

The Association has offered an invitiation to students, where they can learn more about miners and their place in Durham's recent history.