‘Duck maniac’ leaves decapitated rubber ducks in student’s room in year-long campaign

A Cambridge student has been stalked by a ‘duck maniac’ who left decapitated rubber ducks in her room in a year long duck-murdering campaign.

Second-year student Abbie Coombs came home on her second day of fresher's week to find six rubber ducks hidden around her room. She laughed it off as a weird prank, but then things took a sinister turn over the next year as more rubber ducks kept showing up in her room - in various degrees of physical distress.

What the duck? Stabbed duck found in Abbie's kitchen cupboard during the duck maniac's reign of terror.

Did quack addicts do this?

Abbie, who studies law, said she "never felt unsafe" during the ordeal "I just thought it was a joke too far", even when she came home from lectures to find a duck seance taking place in her bedroom.

Ducks, arranged in Abbie's room, summoning duck satan. If this turns out to have been done by Count Duckula, we totally called it.

Things sort of escalated from there. Ducks started showing up in Abbie's room on a regular basis, in more and more bizarre circumstances. She'd come home from the library and find a decapitated rubber ducky lying lifeless in her bed - only to find the head the next day, staring at her from her pigeon-hole.

"Under my sheets was the body of a duck without a head and it was covered in red nail polish to look like it was bleeding. It was really creepy." Abbie admitted.

"They always seemed to know when I was out – they must have known my timetable or been watching me. No one ever tried to get in when I was in the room."

"It could be one of my friends but it’s just so dark. I don’t believe that a friend would have kept it up for so long as they knew I was getting creeped out by it."

A few weeks after the decapitation incident, she found a duck with his mouth cut open lying in her underwear drawer.

"I was running late one morning and opened my knicker drawer."

"There was a pink duck in there covered in red nail polish and its mouth had been cut open really wide to look like the joker and the stomach was cut open too."

"Want to know how i got these scars?" - Duck was meant to look like the Joker, Abbie suspects.


Abbie chose not to inform security, who she thought would lecture her for leaving her door unlocked. She now leaves it locked, and set up cameras to try and catch the duck murderer, but the murderer just took to leaving the ducks in the communal kitchen instead.

So far the duck prankster hasn't followed her through her second year, though her association with ducks has continued.

"I have no idea why it’s ducks but I’ve now become associated with them." she said.

"My mum got me a duck cuddly top for my birthday and I got birthday cards with ducks on."

Yep, Abbie we're going to clear this one up. It was your mum. Your mum did this.