Drunk student walks into wrong flat, goes to sleep in bed

A drunk student walked into the wrong house on Saturday night, found a bed and slept in it.

A couple living in a flat in Manchester found the (still drunk) student asleep in their spare bed on Sunday morning at 9:30am.

He had apparently wandered into a random flat, presumingly thinking it to be his own, after a night out. Thinking he'd found his own bed, the 22 year old went to sleep, only to wake up with concerned looking strangers above him, contacting the police.

Greater Manchester Police said the occupants were “obviously concerned” after discovering the student (who we'll nickname Goldilocks) in their bed.

“It was quickly established that it was a student who had got drunk at a nearby club and somehow found his way into the flat,” Inspector Phil Spurgeon said.

“The student apparently had no recollection of how he got there and was very apologetic to the flat’s occupants for any concern he has caused.”

He said the couple showed understanding of the student’s predicament, and chose to not to pursue the matter.

“The flat’s occupants apparently then saw the funny side, and no further police action was taken,” he added.

Goldilocks is believed to be travelling from flat to flat in the Manchester area, looking for a bed that's just right.

Right place to sleep, wrong house

No footage exists of the Manchester incident exists, but if you'd like to see a drunk man being woken up and informed he's gone to sleep in the wrong house, take a look at this footage from October 2015.

The homeowner wakes up the stranger, informs him he's in the wrong house, the stranger claims he isn't and then politely leaves.

"Dude you're in the completely wrong house, you've never seen me before in your whole life."

"You know my brother..."

"What are you talking about? Man, you're going to be so rattled when you wake up in the morning and realise what an a**hole you are."