Drunk Brit spends almost £30,000 on a bus whilst partying in Ibiza

Brits abroad are notorious for a number of (bad) reasons. By the time we've reach the age of 18, it's some sort of rite of passage to jet off to Magaluf or somewhere equally dire, get so drunk we don't even remember out names, and then bring back some pretty horrendous stories.

But this story definitely tops the lot.

Davie Little from Durham was on a night out in Ibiza with his friends when he drunkenly went on his eBay app, and like any normal person, bought a £28,500 grand bus.

Taking to Facebook, Davie wrote a post warning that Ibiza ruins lives, alongside screenshots of his purchase:

The post has since been liked over 54,000 times and has over 7,000 shares.

As soon as he realised what he'd done he disputed the buy to see if he could get out of going through with it.

However, it seems that the incident definitely hasn't deterred Davie from heading back to the party island.

Maybe he can add a plane to that collection.