Drinking makes you more attractive, scientists find

We all know that drinking makes other people more attractive hell, it even makes cartoon characters more attractive. Who hasn't had a late night discussion about how bangable you find Yogi Bear?

But did you know drinking makes you more attractive? That's what researchers at the University of Bristol have found.

Scientists at the University found that having a large glass of wine makes the drinker more attractive to others. The researchers asked 40 heterosexual male and female students to rate the attractiveness of three groups of people:

  • Sober
  • Tipsy
  • Drunk

They found that people in the tipsy group were rated as much more attractive than both sober and drunk people. That feeling you get where you think "I am so goddamn attractive right now" after one glass of wine - turns out to be scientifically true.

Stay in the zone

There is a zone though. After one large glass of wine you're more attractive to others, but once you've had a few too many your attractiveness levels drop off back to sober levels.

The scientists found that having 'one large glass of wine' increased facial flushing and confidence, making the drinker 'more attractive' to others, and ultimately more likely to 'pull'.

The study states that drink 'mimics' how a person's body 'demonstrates it is healthy and attractive to attract potential mates' and that facial flushing is perceived by others as 'healthy and attractive'.

Alcohol also puts people in a 'positive or jolly mood' and makes people 'relax' and give off 'positive' signals, such as smiling - giving a boost to their attractiveness levels.

Reverse beer goggles

Previous studies have confirmed scientifically the existence of the 'beer goggles' - where people find other people much more attractive whilst drunk off their faces.

One explanation is that people's ability to detect symmetry (a big factor in determining attractiveness) is greatly diminished after having a drink, meaning that you find people more attractive because you are no longer able to detect how wonky their (or my) face is.

This new study, however, is the first time it had been shown that the drinker themselves actually 'becomes more attractive' to others, and has been dubbed a 'reverse beer goggle effect'.

'In addition to perceiving others as more attractive, an alcohol consumer may also be perceived by others as more attractive, and therefore receive greater sexual interest from potential mates.

'An increase in such attention from others may also positively reinforce alcohol consumption, particularly in social contexts.'

Other benefits

Drinking has also been found to boost creativity and help people solve problems demanding verbal resourcefulness, which is something that's bound to help when the problem you need to solve is chatting up someone who isn't as drunk as you are.

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