Dove is trolling Donald Trump with their new ad, and it's hilarious

Dove are great at adverts. Always have been. Now it turns out that they're also great at trolling. Specifically they've targeted human Wotsit Donald Trump.

Rather than mock his physical attributes by, for example, saying he only needs to buy a tiny bar of soap for his itsy-bitsy little hands, Dove took the high road. They don't say that "not even Dove could take the orange off this human tangerine peel", they're too classy for that.

The adverts instead mock Trump and Spicer's "alternative facts" by providing hilarious alternative facts about Dove soap. The full-page adverts taken out newspapers, including The Times and The Guardian, where people have been loving them.

Though Trump has not yet responded to the Trump ad, it's only a matter of time before he tweets something along the lines of...

And his fans are already getting upset about the whole thing...

Another brilliant Trump troll has also cropped up this week, using footage from Trump signing one of his many executive orders.

Twitter account Trump Draws posts daily videos of Trump showing off what he done drawed.

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