Don't miss out on your TV licence refund!

Student TV Licence Refund

As the university year starts to wind down, in all the stress and change, you may not realise you are entitled to claim a refund off your TV licence worth £36.

The reason for this is that you (the general public) pay yearly for the TV licence, but students who bought a TV Licence at the start of the academic year will have three full months remaining on their licence which they won't use - so can get the refund on that unused quarter.

To be eligible for the refund, you just need to have a TV Licence with three months remaining on it, be leaving your halls or rented accommodation and be moving to an address which a TV Licence (your parents probably). You can apply for your refund online, or over the phone (0300 790 6113).

However, if you are someone is won’t be returning home, but moving straight into a shared house or private accommodation, you can easily transfer your TV licence to your new address.

Jason Hill, spokesperson for TV Licensing, said:

“With exam season fast approaching, the student refund is great news for students who planned ahead and bought their licence at the start of the academic year. We would always prefer students to buy a licence using our wide variety of payment methods rather than risk prosecution and a fine of up to £1,000.”

Recent research by TV Licensing shows two-in-five students have a tablet at university capable of streaming live TV. A TV Licence is needed to watch, record or stream programmes at the same time as they are shown on a TV, laptop, games console, tablet, mobile phone, or any other device.

Megan Dunn, National President, National Union of Students (NUS), added:

“The summer months are a fantastic opportunity for students to return home and repair their bank balances. We encourage students to make a good start now and apply for a refund from TV Licensing to put the £36 back in your pocket. Whether you’re looking to get a refund or change your address, both are a really easy to do meaning you enjoy your time off from studying.”

You know, the £36 isn’t going to pay for your summer holiday, but by acting now and filling out a form online - it will get you a few cocktails!

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