Donald Trump retweets racist anti-Muslim videos from Britain First

Donald Trump has retweeted a series of anti-Muslim videos from Britain First's deputy leader Jayda Fransen.

Early this morning, Trump retweeted three videos supposedly displaying abusive Muslim behaviour from far-right extremist group Britain First's deputy leader Jayda Fransen.

Fransen's account, which is a mixture of her direct tweets and automatically scheduled ones, regularly shares far right propaganda with no verifiable source.

The videos Trump retweeted include supposed evidence of Muslims pushing a boy off a roof and beating 'him to death' and another showing a 'Muslim destroying a statue of the Virgin Mary.'

The content of these videos has not been independently verified, meaning that there is no evidence to support their captions.

The retweets come just after Frasen was charged for hate speech and aggravated harrassment at a rally in Belfast, Northern Ireland, for which she will stand before a Magistrate in December.

Trump's actions have been widely criticised as 'deplorable' by US and British politicians alike, with many highlighting the danger of promoting Britain First's illegal hate speech to a global audience.

Among those condemning Trump's behaviour is Jo Cox's widower, Brendan Cox.

Jo Cox was murdered back in June 2016 by 52 year old Thomas Mair, who repeatedly shouted Britain First as he killed her.

Seemingly ignorant of the flurry of condemnation surrounding these retweets, Trump's twitter feed ironically remains a site for him to lambast 'FAKE NEWS.'

Similarly ignorant, Britain First has been quick to reveal it's own mind-boggling idiocy, automatically retweeting any publicity, even if it draws attention to their use of hate speech.

Britain First have LITERALLY retweeted news outlets that refer to their tweets as 'hate speech.'

The tweets remain both on Fransen and Trump's twitter feeds, despite no verification to prove their accuracy or truth.