Donald Trump bans transgender people from joining US military

US President Donald Trump has just announced a ban on transgender people from being able to join the US military.

In a rambling string of offensive tweets, the president announced that the 'tremendous medical costs and disruptions' supposedly caused by transgender people would prevent the army from 'decisive and overwhelming victory.'

In classic Trump fashion, the claims of tremendous medical costs and 'disruption' are entirely unsubstantiated. I highly doubt that Kim Jong Un will stop to ask what gender each member of the US military is before he sends a plume of missiles towards Washington.

The policy has already been met with a huge spectrum of responses. Many Americans have condemned the policy has regressive, whilst others have praised the decision.

The announcement continues a string of transphobic and anti-LGBTQ+ policies in the US, including axing rules that allowed transgender people to use the bathrooms that they felt comfortable in.

The policy is a reversal of legislation Obama introduced to reduce the restrictions on transgender people, which allowed them to serve in the military, receive medical care and officially change their gender identities in the Pentagon's personnel system. Currently there are around 2,250 transgender personnel in the US military, with their future now looking increasingly unclear.