Domino's apologise for human testicle "found on pizza"

Domino's have apologised to a man who "found a human testicle on his pizza", despite the fact the testicle was placed on the pizza by the complainer's friend.

Ciaran Jarret tweeted Domino's asking for an explanation for the "uncooked meatball" found on his Pepperoni Passion pizza.

The meatball in question was actually the left testicle of his friend Steve.

Despite the fact that the errant uncooked meatball was clearly the slightly warmed left testicle of a prankster, Domino's immediately apologised to the customer.

Unsatisfied with this response, Ciaran demanded they take further action.

Domino's, perhaps now realising that they were viewing a testicle be-fowling their delicious pepperoni passion pizza, stopped replying at this point.

His friend Steve, the owner of the testicles, now says he regrets his decision to place his balls on the pizza, as they have now been viewed over one million times.

That's 410,056 more engagements than his personal record of one.

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