Twitter account successfully predicts lots of events... proves time travel exists?

Time travel. Is it real? If you had access to a time machine, what would you do with it?

Well, one anonymous twitter user has been using his or her apparent powers to tell us the future, in a suspiciously scary set of tweets.

@beyoncefan666 has predicted things from album releases to celebrity pregnancies...

In just 22 tweets since joining in June last year, they have successfully predicted:

Trump winning the election

Lady Gaga releasing an album and Superbowl appearance

Beyonce's pregnancy

The outcome of the EU referendum, and what percentage it will be

Category of the winner of X Factor

Now, we know that you might suggest that they have just changed the dates on Twitter, but as far as we are aware, Twitter does not allow you to do this...

Some people are freaking out over this, claiming he is a demon or a time traveller:

What do you think? Is this proof of time-travel? Probably not.