Does this 80 year old party gran love the sesh more than you? We bet she does.

Usually when you've been on the sesh the first thing you do is panic un-tag all of the shameful photos your friends upload to stop your parents and indeed grandparents from seeing them.

The pictures of you with your head in a cone, throwing up into a bin and covered in unknown liquids are usually something to hide from the family.

Not for 23 year old student Ryan White and his 80 year old grandma, Brenda. Brenda is well and truly one of the #lads.

Once a year, Ryan and his 15 friends drive down to Weston-Super-Mare with a sea of booze to party it up with the pensioner.

Ryan said that Brenda usually kicks off the sesh by cheers-ing her can of strongbow with each of the lads before really getting on it. Speaking to the Bristol Post, Ryan said 'she starts as she means to go on', blaring Lethal Bizzle and having 'all-nighters' in her room.

As the night dies down, Ryan says some extra beds are usually put in Brenda's room and all of the boys crash on the floor.

She also accompanies Ryan and his mates for day trips to France where she can sample the local bars.

Credit Bristol Post

So the next time you 'don't fancy a night out', think of Brenda, man up, and raise a glass to her partying ways.