Does Netflix have a student discount?

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Though student life is often associated with nights out, these days it’s more likely to mean nights in. A tough economy has cut disposable income for many, and if you’re studying then your bank balance has likely been obliterated!

You might have noticed:

Streaming services are the go-to destinations for home entertainment, providing a vast array of films and TV shows in one convenient package for a monthly subscription.

Arguably the chief amongst these is Netflix, who are a constant presence in the living room of many a screen addict. It has an established brand and a hungry audience...

but what does Netflix offer for the poor student…?

Our guide gives you the lowdown…

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This is where we should be honest with you. Truth be told, Netflix does not offer a student-specific package.

In one sense this is surprising, because the student audience would surely be attractive to them as a potential money earner. In another sense it’s maybe understandable due to the range of access on offer.

Netflix does tempt newcomers with a month’s free viewing before laying on the fees and even then they’re not astronomical.

What are the packages? The cheapest is £5.99 a month, though that doesn’t give you HD and you can only use one screen at a time. For anything beyond that the starting rate is £7.99, which again isn’t off-putting unless your budget is very low.

Should you wish to back out once you’re forking out the process seems fairly straightforward but, as ever with these things, checking the small print is essential.

Of course Netflix’s lack of a student specific discount opens up the conversation to include other services offering streaming goodness for future generations. Below are some key examples:


Freeview is an easily-overlooked option for streaming and is included with the cost of a TV Licence. The content is limited, but then again Netflix and the like pack in more than you’ll ever get through in a lifetime.

So, how does this work? Catch up programming for BBC, ITV, Channel 4 and all the major channels are stored on their respective hubs.

All 4 has made an extensive back catalogue of shows available in a way the BBC sadly hasn’t, though they do put a small selection of older series on their iPlayer.

Be aware, that you now have to pay the £145 tv license fee to watch iPlayer.

So, Netflix is actually pretty cheap in comparison!

Amazon Prime Instant Video

Netflix has a huge amount of exclusive content, but it isn’t the only game in town when it comes to specific movies or shows.

Here's the thing: Amazon has branched out from retail to media production in recent years with lucrative results. Prime Instant Video provides a raft of viewable goodies and best of all they have an unlimited package tailored to students.

Top Tip: If you have a student e-mail address (ending in “”) you can sign up for 6 months free access and after that it’s £39, which is half the price of a regular subscription!

There’s also the option of paying monthly at £3.99 - this doesn’t save you in the long run, but if you don’t have the funds and need boxsets fast then that could be your best bet.

Read more about student deals for Prime here and our guide taking you more in depth here.

Now TV

Now TV is essentially a selection of Sky programming, delivering your entertainment in chunks rather than giving you the whole package, which can be pretty expensive.

How does it work?

You can sign up online and if you want to stream it to your TV the most affordable option is a USB Smart Stick at £14.99, or you could connect your laptop to the TV. Alternatively the Now TV boxes can be found in major retail outlets for discount prices.

Passes are then made available for things like Entertainment (such as Catch Up and box sets) and Sky Cinema.

How much?

A 14 day free trial period isn’t the best of offers but it has been longer, depending on how you access the service. You pay per pass after that, so that’s £7.99 for Entertainment and £9.99 for Sky Cinema and it’s contract free, meaning you can cancel at any time.

As with Netflix, there are no student deals currently on the website but the different levels of access and the price plans perhaps rule out the need for them. It’s worth checking the website for updates though.

Top Tip:

Make sure you also keep your eye on Qudico for cashback offers on Now TV passes. Currently, Quidco are offering up to £10 cashback when you sign up to a 14 day free trial of Now TV's Entertainment Pass via their site.

That's a cashback nobrainer!

Check out Quidco's list of online cashback rates and offers for Now TV, just sign up to Quidco for free and follow the instructions to earn money back.

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