Do you have what it takes to be this absolute hunk's girlfriend?

Dating is hard, and finding the right person can be like a never-ending search.

However, most of us wouldn't go to the lengths of creating a website in that search for bae. Most people aren't Nate Rifkin, though, because that's exactly what he did.

Here's a little preview of his DateNate website.

So, clearly it's an exclusive club if even the most intelligent and beautiful women can't get a look-in.

But let Nate tell you a little bit more about himself, his wants, and his needs in a lady.

Now, Nate might look like a robot who's only just been sent to earth and wants to mate with humanoid females. But don't let that fool you. Did you know he's a passionate capitalism-loving business guy who sells supplements and meditates? A catch, I know.

So here's what you have to do to nab this eligible bachelor:

  • Be able to accept his high flying lifestyle going to trade shows to hawk vitamin pills.
  • Hate all types of entertainment found in bars or pubs.
  • Understand that Nate is a busy man, and thus won't be trying to entertain you or make you happy.
  • Support Nate's mum in style for the rest of her life.
  • Not enjoy music.
  • Don't drink, do drugs, or like fatty food.
  • Exercise regularly and live for nutrition.
  • Don't be a 'lackadaisical lady'... Whatever that means?
  • Forget being a dirty liberal and start getting a boner for capitalism.
  • Be somewhere between 22 and 35, have a slender, healthy body, a reasonably slim waist, and a very pretty face.

Bloody easy, then. Girls, get queuing because you could be in a position to go on a holiday and spend a full three days - ALONE - with Nate. Doesn't that sound amazing?!

All you need to do is email and include a cover letter on why he should pick you, and "share your beautiful photos". Nothing weird about this at all. What could possibly go wrong?