Do you go to uni in one of the worst English towns?

Leaving home and going to uni is scary at the best of times, but try going to one of the places ranked worst in England to live.

Website ilivehere has listed the most soul-crushingly ugly, boring, and generally awful places to call home, and we took a look at the ones where you can get your degree - just in case you're a bit of a masochist.

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In at number 10 is Blackpool, with its ballroom dancing and rollercoasters. If you're studying at Blackpool College, you might be getting a BA in fashion, childcare, or business. But what you'll mostly be getting is some good life experience living in the tenth shittest place in England. And that's a degree from the school of life.

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University Campus Oldham students rejoice, because you're ninth. While you get your psychology degree, why not take a wander down the streets, which readers called "graffiti covered, fly-tipped shells of what they once were".

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While the Universtity of Sunderland campus looks lovely, the people of Britain believe the city itself certainly does not. In position eight, this Northern city was described by one resident: "Sunderland’s only real claim to fame is that it has the highest rate of teen pregnancies in the Europe."

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Seventh place is Bradford, which is apparently home to the greenest university in the UK, but clearly not the prettiest. "Unfortunately, there doesn’t seem to be enough words available in the English language to emphasise what a complete and utter f**king sh*thole this place really is," said one reader.

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Jumping ahead to position four, the next uni town on the list is Scunthorpe. Okay, so it's a university within a college, but people at North Lindsey College can revel in the fact they're spending the best years of their life in a certified crap town.

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University of Bedfordshire will you please stand up. A shocked resident said, "One of the most shocking moments of my stay in Luton was on Christmas day. My friend pointed out the local McDonalds, saying “it gets busier every year."

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Just missing the top spot is Kingston Upon Hull. While you can study everything from law to music here, according to ilivehere, what you'll really learn is "go to the pub every night, be able to afford to smoke 40 a day, eat only takeaways and still have money to go to the bookies and afford sky TV."

Dover, the winner of this undesirable competition, doesn't have a uni. But, if you live there, just know that people have dubbed it "the arsehole of England". Lovely, isn't it?