Did Adele spend £5,000 on her BRIT Awards

BRITs 2016 Adele cost money

Last night amongst all the BRIT Awards excitement Ian Watkins - AKA H from Steps revealed on Twitter that the band were asked to shell out £500 EACH for their statuettes at the award show in 2000.

Jessica Taylor of Liberty X (remember them?) replied to his initial tweet to say she’d been charged £650 in 2003 when they were nominated for Best British Single and Best Newcomer.

All of this raises a lot of questions. Do all award shows do this? Are they still charging for them? How much are they worth now? Do the special edition BRITs designed by people like Vivienne Westwood and Damien Hurst cost more? If not, £650 is a bit of a bargain.

Most pressingly, did So Solid Crew pay £18,000 for the 30 statuettes handed out when they won Best British Video in 2002?

So, we did a bit of maths, and we worked out from H and Jessica’s tweets that a BRIT Award seems to cost £50 more each year, so a BRIT Award could be much as £1300 today.

Adele’s mammoth haul of four BRITs last night could add up to a hefty total of £5200. There’s no doubt that Adele can afford it, but this is madness.

However, in 2015 Abz from Five put his BRIT on eBay to get a bit of money to fund his farm in Wales, and it had bids for over a million quid. It was initially won in 2000, the same year H said BRITs cost £500, so if it sold at that amount it would have gone up in value by a factor of over TWO THOUSAND in fifteen years. It eventually sold for £51,000 after a dispute with eBay, that's still 102 times more than it originally cost him.

What do you reckon? In the end your degree certificate will cost you up to £9,000 a year - you could get almost seven BRIT Awards for that, every year!

We've contacted the BRITs to ask how much they cost this year, but we haven't had a reply :(