Designer in trouble for bizarre and distasteful cushions

If you suffer or have suffered from a mental health problem, it's sometimes hard to see the 'funny' side.

Mental health remains poorly understood and heavily stigmatised, so attempting to cash-in on its downsides is a pretty bad call, as interior designer Jonathan Adler found out.

Adler found himself in pretty hot water as he released a new collection of pillows that mimicked a range of mental health medications.

The designs included prozac, quaalude and xanax: prescribed medications for anxiety and depression.

Credit Jonathan Adler

The pillows are marketed at an outrageous £88, alongside a bizarre caption that reads:

Perk up your sofa with the right pharmaceuticals. Our Prozac Needlepoint Pillow brings our affair with all things medicinal to your pillowscape.

The insinuation that mood-stabilising or antidepressant pills can 'perk' up your living room seems utterly inappropriate. Worse than that however is the use of ' our affair with medication.' Sorry Jonathan, affairs are a choice, mental health medication often isn't.

Posting the photos on Instagram with the caption 'prescribed chill', Adler was quickly met with backlash from his followers.

Comments ranged from 'poor taste', to others voicing clear distress and upset at the designs.

Credit Jonathan Adler

Commercialising people's dependency on sometimes life-saving medication, and cashing in on it is a pretty huge missing of the mark.

However, other fans argued the opposite, suggesting that the pillows were a fun way to de-stigmatise mental health in a more laid back fashion.

But the outrage seemed to outweigh the compliments, with Adler quickly removing the photo from his Instagram.

However, you can still purchase the pillows here, if you so wish.