Deliveroo driver finds she has to deliver to her ex, then things get weird...

A hungover man ordered a 14 piece bargain-bucket on Sunday. But when his ex-girlfriend showed up to deliver him his bucket, things didn't quite go to plan.

Nick Bowden, a chef from Bedfordshire, ordered a bucket of chicken using Deliveroo on Sunday, using £20 on his deliveroo account.

But when his ex-girlfriend, who works as a Deliveroo driver, showed up to deliver the chicken and saw her ex standing there in his dressing gown and waiting for his chicken, she refused to hand it over, the Bristol Post reports.

The chicken in question: An uneaten 14 piece chicken bucket meal.

Chicken Run

He told the Bristol Post that they had broken up over money, and he hadn't seen her for three years prior to the incident on Sunday:

"I opened the door and she was stood there and she was like 'alright', and I said hi," said Nick, who told the Bristol Post the relationship ended with a dispute about money.

"Then she was like, 'where's my money?' I said, 'I have no idea what you're talking about'.

"I said, 'can I have my food please?' and she said no. I was stood there in my dressing gown and I said 'you do realise I'm going to get more free food and you will probably get the sack?' Then her face dropped and she ran off."

He says that before she left, she told him to f*ck off.

"I didn't know how to react. I was there stood still thinking, 'what's going on?' I was so hung over and so confused. She started to walk away, she put the food back in the bag and walked off."

He phoned customer services at Deliveroo, who gave him £5 free credit, and laughed about the incident with him.

On Facebook he wrote that the worst part is he accidentally tipped her £1 on the Deliveroo App

The worst thing is, on the deliveroo app, I tipped her £1.
I called customer services and they guy that dealt with it was great. We had a laugh, I mean after all this is a ridiculous scenario.
But I don't think £5 good will credit really makes up for it. So far I've used deliveroo 4 times. All 4 have been a disaster.