Girl informs her dad everybody can see his comments, after he comments on THIS 😬😂

A daughter has reminded her her dad everybody can see his Facebook comments, because he seriously needed reminding.

It's probably familiar to a lot of people. Your parents are on Facebook, but they don't quite realise how it works. Maybe they share every post in existence. Maybe they comment on your friends' posts without realising it.

But one girl in America has got it much worse. Her dad had been commenting on a pornography page on Facebook, thinking he was talking directly to the pornstar in the profile picture, and also in the belief that nobody but he and him could see the comments he was leaving.

Hey dad...

At some point, Mr Esquina had searched on Facebook for pornography, and ended up liking the page "Hot Sex Porn". That seems embarrassing enough for his daughter. But Julia's embarrassment wan't to end there, because the page updated their profile picture on Friday, and her dad felt the need to comment.

His daughter Julia saw her dad's comment, and felt like she needed to inform him how Facebook works. Which must be pretty excruciating, but still better than sitting him down in person and letting him know, we guess.

In order to demonstrate how everyone can see comments, she also commented on the Page's post.

Pretty excruciating, no?

The exchange has gone viral on Twitter, where no dads dare to dwell.

Everyone is embarrassed for the girl and her father.

Although others just find it funny.

Probably a lot more funny than Julia and her dad find it.