Dangerous memory drug is sweeping UK Universities


According to The Sun, memory drug Noopept has been sweeping University grounds during this exam period.

Thousands of students are boosting their grades with the banned “brain-booster”, which has cocaine-like effects, which they snort or swallow in capsules. The pills apparently improve memory recall and the ability to learn.

In fact, just put ‘Noopept’ into YouTube, and you’ll find hundreds of reviews by students who take the drug to help at University, and will recommend which stores to buy from abroad.

Mike, a student from Leamington Spa told to The Sun: “It’s all over the country - in London at UCL, at Bath, Bristol, Newcastle, Warwick, Oxford, Cambridge, Leeds and Manchester.

“I first tried Ritalin when I was 18 then at university, I’ve recently moved on to Noopept. It’s definitely helped my exams.

“I’ve had some really good exam results on these types of drug but it’s hard to know whether it’s me or the chemicals getting the results which can be a downer.

“Universities are aware of it. Quite a few have considered drug testing before exams.”

The synthetic drug claims to aid recall by supercharging a brain receptor chemical called acetylcholine and costs £20 per 10g, which is pretty cheap if you compare it to similar drugs such as modafinil and Ritalin.

The Home Office has warned of Noopept’s possible addictive qualities and side-effects including cardiovascular problems and psychosis. Surveys of UK students have shown between ten and 20 per cent admitted using a study drug to help with their work.

Forensic pharmacologist Dr Edward Bliss told The Sun, “The main problem with these drugs is tolerance. This will lead to users requiring an ever increasing dosage with the biggest threat coming from depression - especially for this student age group who are particularly susceptible to depression.

“Also you can’t validate what you’re taking chemically from buying online and couple that with some people will simply have bad reactions - it’s unpredictable.”

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