Dad sits next to huge celebrity on flight without even realising

It's not everyday you get on a flight and sit next to an internationally renowned popstar... mostly because they fly first class or have private jets.

So when this dad got on his flight and a young man sat down next to him, he didn't really think anything of it... until he text his 21 year old daughter Deanna Hall asking her who Nick Jonas was.

She then fills him in that oh you know, he's a pretty big deal, and then wonders why he's asking, to which he OH SO CASUALLY replies 'he is sitting beside me on the plane.'

Deanna understandably freaks out, asking for her dad to get a picture WITH Jonas to prove that this is actually real, and he of course delivers:

The tweet quickly went viral, which lead to a flight attendant from the flight to confirm the story, saying how cute Deanna's dad was:

*Cue large amount of clever and witty Jealous jokes*

Sadly she didn't get the autograph she wanted though.