Student thinks she's gotten away from her dad at uni. Then he sends her this...

Going to uni is a great way to become independent and get away from your parents.

But not so for Skye Morris, who received a string of text messages from her dad last week, confirming that he could see her walking out of her lectures.

Skye, 19, tweeted out her text exchange with her dad, which has since gone viral.


First he sent her a cryptic message "Dad knows where you parked".

He asked her if he saw her yet. She looked around. No sign. Anywhere. She told him that. He then confirmed that he could see her, and she wasn't at her car yet.

Then he informed her he was on the roof, staring at her from up there.

Here he is, from her perspective.

People have been relating to her predicament, saying it's the kind of thing they'd expect from their own parents....

It turns out though, that Skye's Dad wasn't a creepy stalker dad like everyone else's, and was actually up there doing inspections of the roof on behalf of the college. He just thought it would be fun to annoy his daughter in new and novel ways whilst he was up there.

Her dad is pleased with his joke, and that he is now twitter famous.