16 cursed images we had to share with you in order to break the curse

We've just discovered the most hilarious / f*cked up twitter account, Cursed Images. It does what it says on the tin, tweeting out cursed image after cursed image.

We apologise, but the only way to get rid of the curse is to pass it on. Here are our favourites.

When all you have to eat is onion and garlic...

"Everybody say 'dead inside'"

Non-uniform day is getting out of hand...

No context Masterchef

If I fits, I claws

Weird thing is, this is mid-summer

You know the rules, kids: Claire and Shauna you smile. Eleanor, you cover your face in plastic and try to haunt people's darkest nightmares

When we said "cover yourself up young lady" this is not what we meant.

Shrek 6: The Shrekkening.

Swipe left, shoot phone, burn phone, fire ashes into space

Welcome to the pleasure throne, population: deceased.

Bugs Bunny found his tastes had gotten weirder as he aged

"Eat them."

"But I'm full."

"Eat them or you know what the dog will do."

"Quiet, mother." "Yes, quiet, mother." "Do you know how hard it is to have a staring competition whilst your mother screams 'kill it with fire?'"

Found on eBay...

No no, don't help Mr Cabbage. Mr Cabbage is being punished, isn't he?

And with that, our curse is broken. Tag a friend to pass on the curse / scare the sh*t out of them.