Curry house offers free food to people who can't afford to eat there

A curry house is offering free food to those who need it.

The Indian Fusion restaurant has placed a sign on their door offering free food to anyone who has no money to pay. The sign reads:

Dear friends,
If you are hungry and have no money to pay, just ring the bell below or come in for a free meal box/coffee anytime.

The restaurant is even taking into account the dietary needs of the needy, offering vegetarian and non-vegetarian meals, and catering to any other dietary requirements they might have. But the restaurant owner still thinks he isn't doing enough to help those who need it.

The sign on the door of Indian Fusion in Edmonton, Canada.

Ricky Pilkington, commenting on the photo, said: "I don't want to be the bearer of bad news but there is no doorbell."

"I think I can do much more"

The owner told CTV News Edmonton that the restaurant felt they were fortunate to always have more than enough food, and that they should be doing something worthwhile with the excess.

So they now offer full table service to any non-paying customers who need their food.

"I thought, how many people can I go and ask: 'Are you hungry?' It’s not possible," he said. "So I thought, why not put up a sign? In case someone is hungry."

However, even after getting a lot of support for the idea, and serving a lot of needy customers, he still feels like he's not doing enough to help those less fortunate.

"I’m feeling sad, I think that I can do much more. I am already preparing food for other people. I am not going out of my way – this is my way of life. I am not doing anything extra." He said.

"My team, who cares." The owner is pictured above, centre, on their Facebook page.