Crucified bunny made of toast found on street. Happy Easter, everybody.

A person or persons unknown have created a terrifying crucified bunny out of toast and then left it on the pavement just in time for Easter.

Twitter user Iain Martin Coyle was heading to the tube this morning when he found this horrifying scene, or bizarre celebration of Easter, depending on how you look at it, just outside Tooting Broadway station.

The 3D sculpture appears to have quite a lot of work put into it, though the bunny is by no means anatomically correct.

Was the burning deliberate? If so, WHAT DOES THAT MEAN??

Several of the pieces of toast appear to be severely burnt, suggesting that the sculpture was made in some kind of a rush, or that the toast was burnt with deliberate artistic intent. Either way, people are horrified by the whole thing.

Two commenter's reaction, after they saw the picture posted on Facebook group "Shit London"

Look into his eyes

It's unknown whether the rabbit was made on his toasted crucifix, or made as a standalone bunny and then crucified, but the look on his horrified little bunny face suggests the latter.

The whole thing was held together with wooden toothpicks, like you would with a cake, except his toothpicks are placed through various limbs, appendages and eyes.

Because when you're making something this creepy that's the kind of detail you throw in.

Great artwork or a little crumby? Either way, look into his eyes!!

Happy easter?

The sculpture was by no means the most horrifying easter bunny out there. In the olden days, people would often dress up as Easter bunnies, long before costume technology was ready for the task.

The identity of the man who made a crucified bunny out of toast is still unknown. He could be anywhere, with a loaf of bread right now, making who knows what. Sweet dreams, and Happy Easter, everybody.