Crazy girlfriend smashes up cheating partner's car only to realise one big problem

Our decision-making abilities are always slightly inhibited after a few pints.

When it comes to drinking, it's easy to wake up feeling like Frank Sinatra; regrets, I've had a few (many).

For drunken and perhaps slightly unhinged Christine Ann Potten, her 'regret' was jumping the gun and totally SMASHING up what she thought was her cheating partner's car.

The 38 year old was walking home after a boozy night in Dorset when she stumbled upon a car the same as her boyfriend's outside an unfamiliar house.

Assuming the worst, she was overtaken by a drunken fury, and began totally trashing the car.

It was only when a neighbour shouted to her out the window that it wasn't her boyfriend's car that she realised the gravity of her mistake and stumbled back home.

After police were called, they were able to track down the Christine by a blood trail she'd left after cutting her hand on the smashed up wing mirror.

When confronted with the police, all she had to say was 'I'm a naughty girl'.. yes, naughty is one word for it.

The owner of the car, 47 year old Anita Meeks, was left a note by police, as well as a hefty bill of £443 for the damages.

According to her lawyer, Christine is 'absolutely gutted' with her behaviour, and profoundly sorry for the incident. However, due to financial difficulties it doesn't look like she'll be paying Anita any compensation.

Suddenly the time you woke up with a traffic cone in your room doesn't seem so bad, huh?

Seriously though, not only is vandalism super uncool, but trashing your partner's car, whether they're philandering or not, is abusive. So never be a Christine, kids.