This girl can't get a student loan for a very bizarre reason

As if getting a student loan wasn't hassle enough.

For Emily Hughes of Smethwick, though, it's been an absolute nightmare and she's ended up being denied by the Student Loans Company.

Poor Emily has the exact same name and birthday as someone else, and was born in the same area. This means she can't be added to the online system as it deems her a duplicate.

Credit: Emily Hughes

Emily hasn't met the *other* Emily, who registered on the site before she put her application in, and says she's not sure if she'd want to after all the fuss.

She will find out on results day (August 17th) whether she's got into her university of choice, but as of yet she has no way to pay for tuition.

She has mailed her passport to The Student Loans Company but hasn't yet received confirmation, which must be super nerve-wracking this close to the start of the semester.

As she's studying to be a doctor, she will have to pay the full £9,250, which isn't exactly a sum that can come out of your own pocket.

Get your head in the game loans people, because this is ridiculous.