15 weird courses you should enrol in right now

So you took maths. Nothing wrong with that. But did you know you could be taking the maths of street fighting, or just plain discovering the meaning of life? Check out the top 15 weird uni courses you wish you studied...

15) Underwater Basket Weaving

So you've mastered weaving. You can weave a beautiful wetsuit without even looking. And you've mastered diving in that wetsuit, and have fully explored the weaving machine they found in the wreck of the Titanic. What next? Underwater Basket Weaving, that's what. The course, offered in Reed College, Oregon and the University of Arizona teaches you how to weave baskets underwater, making you the coolest of weavers and the nerdiest of divers.

14) Psychology behind Jedi mind tricks (Open University)

Queens University Belfast offered an Open University course on Star Wars which teaches "real-life psychological techniques behind Jedi mind tricks", eg:

Yoda's main Jedi power is cutting people he considers to be a "bitch".

It also teaches the "wider issues behind the Star Wars universe, like balance, destiny, dualism, fatherhood and fascism", in an attempt to encourage lifelong learning.

13) UFOs in American Society

Paranoid but still not quite paranoid to the point that you'll wear a tin-foil hat and spend your time "warning the people"? Try this course at Temple University. It promises toexplore American society’s reaction to the UFO phenomenon, from the military to cults. Also you get to look at photos of real life alien abductions that the U.S. government has covered up (TELL THE PEOPLE!).

12) Surfing, MSc

University of Plymouth offer a BSc in Surf Science and Technology.

Impressive, now surf your way into a job.

As with any degree, completing it will improve your employability, even with a course like surf science.

There are a surprising amount of courses out there teaching surfing, even at a postgraduate level. Unsurprisingly they're mainly in Australia, and it's probably the main route to become prime minister there.

11) Baking

Love watching the Bake Off? Do a degree that'll disqualify you from entering it at the London Southbank National Bakery School.

10) The Meaning of Life

Discover the meaning of life at... the Rhode Island School of Design. Odd place to learn the meaning of life, a design college, unless the meaning of life turns out to be spangly spandex. Lots of spangly spandex.

How is it advertised?

"Sometimes philosophy classes cut right to the chase."

9) How to Win a Beauty Pageant

Want to know how to win a beauty pageant? Memorise the phrase "I think there should be world peace in America" (if you're up to it) and then move to America. If you'd rather learn “How to Win a Beauty Pageant: Race, Gender, Culture, and U.S. National Identity” then go to Oberlin College.

8) The Philosophy of Star Trek BA (Hons)

Annoyed when Star Trek puts in too many fights and not enough hard philosophy? Tired of studying in a room full of people who aren’t confirmed virgins? The Philosophy of Star Trek course at Georgetown University in Washington may be for you.

The course aims to study philosophy through the context of Star Trek. You’ll be studying questions such as: “Is time travel possible? Could you go back and kill your grandmother? What is time?”

All questions that could be turned into stoner talk by preceding them with the word “duuuude”.

7) Wine

Think you're an expert because you can tell a red apart from a white without looking? Prove it. You can study wine at the University of Brighton - a city renowned for its world-class wines.

Bonus: getting drunk in the exam is mandatory (probably).

6) The Science of Superheroes

The University of California Irvine runs a course on the science of superheroes.

Students will be sat around contemplating such deep questions as “what is a Spidey-Sense?” and would a gamma ray really turn you into the Hulk.

After most courses you’d ideally become (if briefly) an expert on the topic. After this course all you can basically say is “yeah, superman couldn’t really fly. Its all… there’s gravity and stuff. People can’t fly” or point out that using X-ray vision in real life would give people cancer.

And Superman's laser bike wouldn't go anywhere: He must enjoy burning his own testicles.

Actually this course sounds better than any course based on real physics could ever be, but you can get a condensed version from Ted-Ed which is probably as in depth as you'll ever need to know.

5) Wasting time on the internet

At the University of Pennsylvania you can now take a course in wasting time on the internet.

Students are encouraged to sit down for three hour seminars where they do nothing but waste time on the internet. Just like you’re doing now, except it counts towards your degree. The creative writing students are then encouraged to turn this time-wasting exercise into worthwhile literature, in an attempt doomed to fail.

The course is taught by Kenneth Goldsmith, a man who once tried to waste time by printing out the entire internet. To save you time and effort: it's mainly cat photos. Here's another cat photo for the cat photo pile:

There. Now you know what the entire internet looks like.

4) Maple Syrup: The Real Thing

Have a guess which country you can study maple syrup in. Go on, just one guess.

Wrong, you racist. It's at Alfred University in New York. Not New York, Canada, but New York, USA. But who's it for?

"If you want to explore the history of the creation of maple syrup while learning how to make the sticky stuff yourself, this is the class for you."... so it's still for Canadians.

3) Elvish

Want to learn a dead language no-one speaks any more? Latin? No? Not nerdy enough for you? How about Klingon? Still not nerdy enough?

Ok how about Elvish. You can study Elvish at the University of Wisconsin.

2) Game of Thrones studies

Amazingly the students still manage to look bored.

If rushing to fan forums and speculating whether someone is dead even though they had their skull crushed and put on a spike still isn't in depth enough for you, you can now study Game of Thrones at Berkley, California.

Students on the course investigate the symbolism, themes, theories and controversies of the series (of which there are hundreds - even more so than sex scenes).

Students examine all the minute details of the HBO favourite including ‘modern social and political implications, religion, poverty and the portrayal of women.’ Presumably there'll also be a module on Tyrion quips, times Jon Snow knew nothing, and what Hodor is really saying when he shouts "Hodor".

1) Street fighting mathematics

Street fighting mathematics is offered at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, "for those interested in measuring the velocity of a punch to the jaw, this course teaches students to analyze fighting with math."

What's best is if you take the course you will be able to calculate the odds of you winning a fight with anybody, from Jason Statham to the girl from Matilda: 0%. It's always 0%, with a 75% chance of soiling.

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