Could this be the worst beauty salon in the UK?

Beauty salons are often luxurious havens where people go to be completely and utterly pampered. You leave feeling like a completely new person, refreshed, beautiful and looked after...

Or you know, abused, hideous and dissatisfied as customers of this beauty salon experienced.

Twitter user Courtney Barrow tweeted an exchange between her and Eyes 'N' Brows Bury salon, as she could not believe the reply she got when asking to book an appointment:

We'll take it they're fully booked then...

Courtney was told to 'piss off' by the salon when she asked for an appointment. Shocked by the spa wars that seemed to be kicking off, Courtney clearly thought that she'd been singled out for the abuse.

However, it appeared that Eyes 'N' Brows Bury had just a *little* bit of a reputation for not being bury nice at all:

Another Twitter user, Finners, replied to Courtney with the following exchange:

And it seems their questionable customer service went even beyond the rude to the downright bizarre:

Yes you read that right, they supposedly traded a customer's dog for a SUBWAY! One hotdog for another, I guess.

That wasn't the only scathing or weird review, with many more surfacing on the company's page:

So not only did they de-eyebrow this woman, they also tried to make her into a sandwich. Mayonnaise... as moisturiser?! GOOD GOD.

They didn't stop there, either:

However... the reviews did start getting a bit out of hand, with someone leaving this comment about a supposed incident:

It's all fun and games until someone brings up a prolasped anus

It does look like the salon's page is starting to be trolled, but that doesn't detract from the fact that these are genuine photos of people's treatment:

... They have actually stuck masking tape to this woman's face and charged her £40. MASKING TAPE. You could nip down to Homebase and do this yourself for a fraction of the price.

Whether people are trolling the Facebook page with these reviews or not, it doesn't look like Eyes 'N' Brows Bury will be winning salon of the year any time soon.